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Here at ANT Apps we realize that some of you may be a little intrigued to find out the nitty-gritty about who we are as individuals and as a company as well as the direction we are going in and where we want to be in the future. The following page gives you a brief history of the company as well as a glimpse of what's inside the minds of our directors!"

Nicky Truter

Full name: Nicholas William Truter

Date of Birth: 7th September 1977

Reason why you started ANT Apps: For several years I've been wanting to create and release some industry specific applications. Circumstances conspired against me and time was a luxury that I never had until more recently ; ironically since the arrival of my Son Thomas in August 2009. Unbeknownst to me Ainsley was also thinking along the same lines; wanting to release a series of Paintball specific applications. The subject came up in conversation one afternoon and the rest as they say is history. ANT Apps gives us the platform to see our ideas realize their potential and we are committed to designing the most user–friendly, topical applications for a variety of mobile devices that we can.

Business Role model(s): It's easy to state names like Lord Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson when asked a question like this but the real role models for me are those who have shown true passion and dedication not just for the industry that they are involved in, but are also committed to making and backing up their products after they have been brought to market. Business to me is a complete process and to be a successful businessman/woman you have to be able to develop an average idea into a great product rather than let a great idea become an average product.

Favourite Applications: Games wise I don't think that anybody has managed to release an App that rivals Tetris (but a few are coming close). Most recently I've gotten into the new iBooks App which goes a long way to negating the boredom associated with waiting round in airports!

Mobile Devices owned: Currently an iPod Touch 3rd generation & the HTC Wildfire.

Dream Occupation:I believe that I already have them; two jobs that I can fully commit my energy to.

Best advice you have ever been given: Life teaches you a lot of things; the sooner that you realize that every day is a learning day, the more that you'll get out of life!

Ideal vacation spot: South Africa; the people, weather, food and scenery make it heaven on earth!

What would you do with a £1million lottery win: Go on vacation for a couple of weeks with my wife Bev and decide what to do with J

Ainsley Baddeley

Full name: Ainsley Baddeley

Date of Birth: 30/06/80

Reason why you started ANT Apps: For a long time now I've had a few ideas for paintball apps that I personally would want to use, and one day after going for our weekly clay pigeon shoot with Nicky, I pitched him my ideas. Immediately we were on the same page and were bouncing more ideas around so then and there we decided to get the ball rolling.

Business Role model(s): Has to be my father.......as a tradesman he's built a small business employing 10 staff from nothing over the last 40 years and he loves what he does, day in, day out.

Favourite Applications: iExpenses, Dropbox, Scramble 2, Bloomberg.

Mobile Devices owned: iPhone 3GS

Dream Occupation: Heaven's handyman.

Best advice you have ever been given: Enjoy what you're doing, or don't bother doing it.

Ideal vacation spot: Puerto Banus, Spain.

What would you do with a £1million lottery win: Aside from my family, I'd keep it a secret for a while. £1m is life changing, but it would be hard to help out all of your friends without annoying someone. I'd just surprise select friends with random cars sitting on their drives and anonymous cheques now and again. The rest would probably be spent on paintball and my junior team.