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Success in paintball is no longer just about bringing the fastest, most athletic players available together onto a team; nowadays you actually have to put in the hard work both on and off the field to ensure victory. Field Designer is a comprehensive package that takes the hassle out of the most mundane tasks in paintball; no more worrying about which field layout to set up for your next practise, no more scribbling field notes and tactics on scraps of paper.......Field Designer has it all. Already sanctioned by the NPPL, PSP, Millennium Series and RPL, Field Designer is instantly compatible with all of the latest professional field layouts. Featuring options such as "Notes", "Tactics" and "Mirror" as standard, the possibilities for creating custom layouts and winning game plans are infinite!


Create your own custom field designs in minutes using bunkers from your chosen professional league. The mirror function allows the design time to be literally halved and you'll soon be on your way to designing your dream field!


Using our Tactics feature will allow you to mark on shooting lanes, players and breakout paths with a touch of your finger! Save them or simply shake to clear!


One of the neatest features of Field Designer is the ability to attribute Notes to specific bunkers. If the Dorito 1 bunker has a great shot on the 2nd Snake knuckle – you'd be crazy not to add a note!


In Field Designer, you can save an entire set of tactical plays and notes for your days play, all stored for instant recall! Need to go over that defensive play? Load it up! Forgotten the aggressive breakout plan? Load it up! Field Designer has your back.